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Charles Ryder

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  • John leinonen

    In response to your Hardcore Champion video, here are four words that come to my mind.

    You mentioned the word “crazy” that may be closer t the truth than you realize. Someone has said that if you continue doing things the same way and expecting a different result, then that is just plain crazy, the result will be the same as before.

    The second word is Indulgence.
    Self indulgence is the trap that people with wealth will often fall into, getting things their own way, life orbiting around the “self”. Wealth and self indulging orbit. Try Google for “dangers of wealth”.

    Conquest is the third word.
    The adrenalin rush of a conquest can become addictive, the professional sports people enjoy the thrill and at the social level it gives them a purpose in life.

    Last but least is the word Greed.
    Greed is a powerful emotion which can be a mixture of the above traits. Powered by the rocket fuel of unlimited wealth for a time, can really put a person into the high orbit of self indulgence. And the final reward is the cake made with the above ingredients; crazy conquest, indulgence and greed. The thrill of eating such cake last for a time, once it is consumed and the adrenalin rush is over, and then there is a withdrawal symptom leveled emotions and boredom.

    What is the answer?
    You also mentioned Christian faith and prayer. Thank goodness for that. Well the bible makes claims that the answer to human emptiness is found in doing the will of God in life. Are you saying that the bible teaching does not work, or that you have missed it, or that you have not submitted to it?

    Moderation and submitting to spiritual guidance and disciplines is the answer in my opinion, to above human problem.
    Most people that I know have needs of some kind, and often they seem to be out of reach for them, and often they are powerless to change the situation. For me the situation currently is lack of income (<12 K per year), to be financially independent, to have a home business, ability to do the creative things in life and to buy fresh clothes, shoes, computer, new push bike, food to eat, which is all possible with an income of around €30 k per year. You story does raise the alarm bells ringing about the truth of illusions that are pit falls in life. Thanks for being honest and sharing your situation, you stand out from many other “make money online” marketers in that sense.

  • Tamim

    You spelled “Ultimate” wrong. Details, man. Details. Why would I trust you with my money again?

    • Charles Ryder

      Thanks for pointing that out. I just updated the site. Funny you bring that up. A few weeks ago I was going over an old sales letter of mine that made me well over $3,000,000.00 and I discovered 3 or 4 spelling errors. Seems like my poor grammar didn’t bother that many people. If I was an English teacher you’d have a great point. I’m a 10th grade
      drop out that has ADD and dyslexia. If you work with me you’ll notice an
      abundance of spelling errors. I even spell my own name wrong half the time. If that’s a problem for
      you, I’m not your guy. I don’t know what level of success you’re striving for in life but if little things like misspelled words bother you so much you’re probably going to miss out on a lot. If it’s not the spelling words you’ll find some other reason not to like something. P.S Hopefully I don’t have too many typos in my reply, I’m trying very hard not to.